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Audiences are stunned by GLOW’s beautiful, clear vocals, brilliant harmony, and exceptional dance music, but what really makes the difference is GLOW’s unique ability to engage our audience. GLOW proactively makes the party come to life and keeps it going to the end of any concert.

Audiences are stunned by GLOW’s beautiful, clear vocals, brilliant harmony, and exceptional dance music, but what really makes the difference is GLOW’s unique ability to engage our audience. Concerts are all about energy and FUN! GLOW proactively makes the party come to life and keeps it going to the end of any concert.

With a proven track record of performing for large and medium audiences, GLOW has performed at outdoor concerts such as:

  • Marietta Square
  • Lake Lanier Island Resorts
  • Sandy Springs Amphitheater
  • Clanton, AL Peach Jam Jubilee
  • Madison's Firefly Festival
Other venues include:
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Verizon Amphitheater
  • Duluth Festival Center and Amphitheatre
  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Atlanta Marriott Marquis
  • Fox Theater (Egyptian Ballroom)
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Lake Oconee Ritz
  • Palomar Hotel
  • Charleston Place Hotel
  • Houmas House (Baton Rouge)
  • Orlando Omni
  • Champions Gate Hotel
  • Hilton Hotels (GA, FL, LA, SC, TN)
  • and many more.

Sound / Lighting
GLOW’s state-of-the-art digital sound system can handle concerts up to 2500 people. It’s also capable of providing CD quality sound at low volumes.

The band’s lighting system can be a simple PAR tree w/spotlight or expanded to a computer controlled concert rig with a 24’ overhead truss.

Click here for information on our state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment plus staging capabilities.

Awards & Recognition
GLOW won first place in the Guinness World’s Longest Concert competition (out of 257 bands). With over 85 engagements, the group holds the distinction of being the most booked.

As the most popular cover band it holds attendance records at virtually every concert or venue. GLOW has been featured on WSB-TV, Dave-FM, and a Comcast TV special. This exceptional group was honored to play for the best performers in the world at Cirque du Soleil’s Christmas party.

GLOW received the best response of any band that has performed at Heritage Park’s Amphitheater since it opened eight years ago. From the moment GLOW stepped on stage and sang the National Anthem, the audience of 1600 knew they were in for something special.... (read more/less)

It was a wonderful treat to see this young band completely captivate their audience. Initially, it was the stunning vocals and exceptional quality of the music that earned their respect and attention. It was, however, the ebullient and enthusiastic performance that really brought the house down. GLOW worked the crowd into a dancing frenzy and played an extra half hour of encores. The evening was a total success.”
--- Christy Nickles, Special Events Director, Heritage Sandy Springs

 “GLOW was the first band to play for this year’s concert series. The show sold out. Never has this happened so early in the season"... (read more/less)

GLOW’s performance was nothing less than FANTASTIC. Everyone raved about the concert and they are already asking when GLOW will be back. You guys have raised the bar.”
--- Maggi Moss, Marietta Development Authority

"GLOW was clearly the best and most professional band to perform in our ballroom. The advanced promo combined with their reputation resulted in the first sell-out event in more than five years"....
(read more/less)

The dance floor was completely packed the entire evening and everyone had a fabulous time. The quality and energy of the performance and music was unsurpassed. The vocals were breathtaking, simply the best I've ever heard. We immediately booked the group for two more events. I gladly give GLOW my very highest recommendation."
--- Kevin Smith, General Manager, Country Club of Roswell

GLOW played for our last concert of the season on the Marietta Square. Typically we expect a little over 1500 people, but more than 3,000 people came to see this fabulous band"....(read more/less)

"The park was packed, and, as the concert progressed, everyone started dancing including those on the street - which rarely happens. The versatility of the music was wonderful. GLOW somehow managed to make everyone happy - from teenagers to 70 year olds. The band exhibited endless energy and never took a break. We received an continuous stream of compliments. GLOW will be the first band we book next year. Feel free to call for a personal reference.” --- Maggi Moss, Marietta Development Authority

“The entire park was filled with individuals and families celebrating the end of summer vacation with a night of socializing under the stars and among fireflies to enjoy pop hits played by the fabulous live band aptly named GLOW"... (read more/less)

A few hundred festival-goers put on their dancing shoes and danced to the beat in front of the stage and delighted the crowd with renditions of the “Electric Slide.” -– Morgan County Citizen Newspaper (08/06/10)

“For the second year in a row GLOW has entertained our town. Last year they played for Madison Fest and this year they christened our brand new amphitheater for the Firefly Festival"... (read more/less)

"Everyone loved the show and it has been the talk of the town for weeks. The performers came out with such excitement and enthusiasm that the whole crowd was instantly infected. At one point they got several hundred people organized in two huge circles and started playing the Hokey-Pokey. They stopped suddenly and told the dancers to go and bring back two more people. Soon the entire grass field was packed with perhaps 800 people having a ball putting their “left hips in and left hips out.” It was magical. Once everyone was up and out of their seats, they never sat down. GLOW continued to entertain young and old alike with a rich array of songs that pleased everyone, even the teenagers. Without question, GLOW is our city’s favorite band and will always be our first choice for festivals or events.”
--- Ann Huff, Main Street Director, Madison Georgia


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