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"Our annual party was better than ever thanks to GLOW. Everyone who attended is still raving about the band. That's saying something because our clients and associates are all in the television / entertainment business and not easy to impress".... (read more/less)

"This was the 18th year and never have we seen guests have more fun or stay as long. Nobody left! You may have set the bar too high for my future parties. From now on, GLOW is the only choice."
--- Chuck Edmundson, A-1 Broadcast

“We knew it would be hard to find a fun band that could satisfy the wide range of cultures at Cirque du Soleil. We are happy we found GLOW! Their performance was full of energy and happiness"....
(read more/less)

"Everybody got on the dance floor and danced the night away. The band interacted with the audience and adapted to the requests. GLOW made our Christmas party a great success and we can recommend them of any occasion. Being professional performers ourselves we know how hard it is to grasp the attention from the audience for the whole period and GLOW succeeded perfectly at this. We will remember the party forever! Thank you GLOW!” --- Irma van Riemsdijk, Cirque du Soleil

“The band GLOW is a throwback to another era when all working bands had to sing, play and entertain at the highest levels of their field just to be able to work at America's top clubs" ....(read more/less)
"Everything about the group is at the top of the entertainment food chain. They play music people recognize, sing their faces off and play their instruments like the experienced, dedicated and talented musicians they are. They can rock any house, anywhere, anytime. Beyond that, they know how to entertain virtually any type of crowd, a skill set which has become something of a lost art. With GLOW this is not accidental. This is what they set out to do. And like all great businesses, they are relentlessly dedicated to the improvement of their venture on a day in and day out basis. When I get the occasional night off - GLOW is the band I want to go out and hear.”
--- Alan White “The Ol’ Jive Daddy” , DJ & Radio Personality

GLOW was terrific! Steve and I danced all night long.”
–- Karen Handel, Secretary of State (GA)

GLOW received the best response of any band that has performed at Heritage Park’s Amphitheater since it opened eight years ago. From the moment GLOW stepped on stage and sang the National Anthem, the audience of 1600 knew they were in for something special.... (read more/less)

It was a wonderful treat to see this young band completely captivate their audience. Initially, it was the stunning vocals and exceptional quality of the music that earned their respect and attention. It was, however, the ebullient and enthusiastic performance that really brought the house down. GLOW worked the crowd into a dancing frenzy and played an extra half hour of encores. The evening was a total success.”
--- Christy Nickles, Special Events Director, Heritage Sandy Springs

 “GLOW was the first band to play for this year’s concert series. The show sold out. Never has this happened so early in the season"... (read more/less)

GLOW’s performance was nothing less than FANTASTIC. Everyone raved about the concert and they are already asking when GLOW will be back. You guys have raised the bar.”
--- Maggi Moss, Marietta Development Authority

"GLOW was clearly the best and most professional band to perform in our ballroom. The advanced promo combined with their reputation resulted in the first sell-out event in more than five years"....
(read more/less)

The dance floor was completely packed the entire evening and everyone had a fabulous time. The quality and energy of the performance and music was unsurpassed. The vocals were breathtaking, simply the best I've ever heard. We immediately booked the group for two more events. I gladly give GLOW my very highest recommendation."
--- Kevin Smith, General Manager, Country Club of Roswell

GLOW played for our last concert of the season on the Marietta Square. Typically we expect a little over 1500 people, but more than 3,000 people came to see this fabulous band"....(read more/less)

"The park was packed, and, as the concert progressed, everyone started dancing including those on the street - which rarely happens. The versatility of the music was wonderful. GLOW somehow managed to make everyone happy - from teenagers to 70 year olds. The band exhibited endless energy and never took a break. We received an continuous stream of compliments. GLOW will be the first band we book next year. Feel free to call for a personal reference.” --- Maggi Moss, Marietta Development Authority

“The entire park was filled with individuals and families celebrating the end of summer vacation with a night of socializing under the stars and among fireflies to enjoy pop hits played by the fabulous live band aptly named GLOW"... (read more/less)

A few hundred festival-goers put on their dancing shoes and danced to the beat in front of the stage and delighted the crowd with renditions of the “Electric Slide.” -– Morgan County Citizen Newspaper (08/06/10)

“For the second year in a row GLOW has entertained our town. Last year they played for Madison Fest and this year they christened our brand new amphitheater for the Firefly Festival"... (read more/less)

"Everyone loved the show and it has been the talk of the town for weeks. The performers came out with such excitement and enthusiasm that the whole crowd was instantly infected. At one point they got several hundred people organized in two huge circles and started playing the Hokey-Pokey. They stopped suddenly and told the dancers to go and bring back two more people. Soon the entire grass field was packed with perhaps 800 people having a ball putting their “left hips in and left hips out.” It was magical. Once everyone was up and out of their seats, they never sat down. GLOW continued to entertain young and old alike with a rich array of songs that pleased everyone, even the teenagers. Without question, GLOW is our city’s favorite band and will always be our first choice for festivals or events.”
--- Ann Huff, Main Street Director, Madison Georgia

Corporate Events
“Best band I’ve seen in 15 years... (read more/less)

The musicians and vocalists were nothing less than top notch. We were very impressed with the singers. We could actually hear the words. The volume was perfect.”
--- Jim Schlotzhauer, IBM Corporation

“GLOW did a great job entertaining our employees at our annual sales convention this year in Orlando. We have had tremendous feedback from everyone. I even got compliments from the staff at the Omni hotel".... (read more/less)
"Thank you for playing the extra time. The crowd was having a blast and they just wouldn’t stop dancing. Passing out the glow necklaces was a big hit. I never thought a group of professionals would have so much fun with them. The effect of seeing 350 people waving glow lights was mesmerizing. Assuming next year’s convention is on the east coast, we’ll definitely have GLOW back. Thank you!”
--- Sarah Dawson , Harland Clarke
“Our conference was a huge success. I have been told it is the best ever. Since this was my first one I feel I was associated with making it that way! Glow was absolutely phenomenal and was everything we imagined to have for the conference"....(read more/less)

"I wish that you came to Wilmington to play for our summer concert series in the summer so I could hear more of the music you play. I know that for any event or wedding someone is looking for a well rounded, energetic, talented band I will highly recommend Glow. Thank you for taking the trip up to Wilmington!” --- Michela Noreski, VisionAIR, Inc.

GLOW performed at the Georgia Aquarium for approximately 1200 clients, associates, and employees. GLOW was our #1 choice for a band because of their high energy, interaction and great song list"
... (read more/less)

They exceeded expectations. The performers excelled at engaging the audience, they put on a fun presentation and the music was first-rate. They played for over three hours without a break and brought the audience into a dancing frenzy. By the end of the show everyone was dancing, singing, jumping, and waving their hands in the air. The band requested they be allowed to play longer, without charge. GLOW’s huge lighting system added to the “major concert” effect. The entire evening was a spectacular success. I give GLOW my highest recommendation. Feel free to call me about this band.”
--- Jaida Lindsay, Harris Corporation

“The GLOW Band was very proactive before our company Christmas party event, I had several phone calls to discuss how the evening would flow and they made some very good suggestions"...
(read more/less)
"They also asked about our group demographics and corporate culture so they could accommodate our group and make sure everyone had fun. They also did an excellent job of drawing our group out to the dance floor (that was not an easy task with engineers). They did requests and interacted very well with the audience. Everyone was very impressed. They also played an extra 20 minutes or so for those of us out on the floor having a great time!”
--- Kristen Bugg, Nexidia Corporation, Atlanta
Fundraisers and Galas
"GLOW is an event planners dream. They are easy to work with, kept the volume in check, dressed well and looked good. The band was great at working with the crowd and everybody got up to dance"...
(read more/less)
The music was precise, vocals clear and understandable, and the stage was very clean. Absolutely everyone loved the show” –- Kathy Swahn, CMP
"GLOW has played for CRN’s black tie gala at the Buckhead Ritz for the last two years. Each fundraiser sold-out 500 seats and raised over $100,000 to benefit homeless children and families"....
(read more/less)
GLOW presents the highest level of entertainment, patrons spill off the dance floor, and we hear lots of TERRIFIC feedback every year. We are thrilled and excited to announce that GLOW is playing again for CRN’s gala fundraiser this year at Loews Grand Hotel.”–- Cliff Kinsey, Co-Founder and CEO
"As the Fundraising Chair for PAWS Atlanta, I was looking for a band that would provide great entertainment for our annual Gala. I chose GLOW based on a referral from a colleague".... (read more/less)
"It turned out to be a great decision. GLOW was professional, responsive and accommodating to our needs. During the event, the band had everyone on the dance floor. Their selection of music was perfect and the musicians and vocalists were incredible. We are definitely booking them for next year!"
--- Rayandra Slonina, PAWS Atlanta
“Thank you to GLOW for your exciting performance at our annual fundraiser for Pickens Animal Rescue on Saturday, Nov 7th. From set up to take down, your entire group was prompt, pleasant and professional"... (read more/less)

The sound and light system made the room appear like our guests were attending a major concert. GLOW was truly one of the best performance groups to appear at any function in Jasper! Our guests had a great time, they danced to every song and more people stayed at the event longer than in past years. GLOW is truly engaging with amazing vocalists and your perfect instrumentals. Your website cannot really capture the full spectrum of your live show. Many people have already requested that we book you again for our event next year! It won't take long for the word to get out about GLOW, no doubt you'll be making more appearances here again soon.” –- Susan Catton

Weddings / Private Events
“As father-of-the-bride, I received numerous compliments throughout the wedding reception. The top two cited my beautiful daughter and the fantastic band".... (read more/less)

Of all the dollars spent, the best investment was the music. Few people, if any, will remember the food, the flowers, and the decorations, but ALL will remember The GLOW Band. Their interaction with the bride & groom, family and friends set the tone for a magical and energetic evening. The volume was perfect – not too loud or too low. The play list crossed all generations with universal appeal – something for everyone. They could read the crowd knowing when to raise the beat or tone it down to unwind. Most of all, the talented vocalists and interactive musicians brought everyone to their feet either clapping or dancing. All of this is not by accident. It’s their well-oiled behind-the-scene management and technical expertise. They are truly professionals who love their craft. My only advice to those planning a wedding or other event is to hire The Glow Band. Your dollars will stretch and forever singed the memory of your guests and love ones.”   
-– Dale Kubler

“To anyone seeking a band for a wedding reception – my advice is to book GLOW as quick as you can. They played for our daughter’s reception at the Temple and did a terrific job"....(read more/less)

"It could not possibly have gone any better. Rave reviews have flooded in from family, friends, and guests. Everyone and I mean everyone, had a ball. This band is 100 percent smiles, vigor, enthusiasm and fun. The Hora was excellent and they played Hava Nagila with perfection. The performance was five star, but they are also very nice and truly cared about our daughter’s happiness. While in the planning phase, GLOW’s management was on top of every detail, instantly accessible, and offered much experience. I give GLOW my highest recommendation.” –- Jay Cohen

“I’ve been the banquet director at The Point Lake & Golf Club for over 15 years and have facilitated hundreds of weddings. GLOW is the best band we have ever had, by far"....(read more/less)
They were extraordinary in every respect; a pleasure to work with, professional, exceeding good, engaged the guests, all smiles, were great fun, and knew exactly how to orchestrate the reception. GLOW has the uncommon desire to put the needs of the bride first. Please feel free to call me.”
--- Kelley Cartrett-Phifer
GLOW performed for my wedding client at the Capital City Club in downtown Atlanta. I have been a wedding planner for over 20 years and have never come across a better band. The music was excellent, absolutely amazing".... (read more/less)

"What was equally impressive was the way the performers interacted with the guests. All seven were smiling, dancing, jumping, and engaged everyone in the room. They seemed to be having the best time of their lives. GLOW had no limits in regard to helping with the entire event. The bride and groom were thrilled and the guests had a ball. GLOW will always be the first band we recommend. Feel free to contact me.”
--- Tia R. Ervin,

“WOW! What can we say? You guys truly blew us away. Thank you for playing for our wedding reception. We have had many, many positive comment and we owe a great deal of the credit to GLOW"
.... (read more/less)

"You seemed to always sense the mood and knew exactly what to play to keep our guests on the dance floor. We were so honored to have such talented musicians play for our guests. Additionally, we were thrilled to work with you on a personal level. You were extremely responsive, flexible and you went out of your way to cater to our every wish. You guys truly exceeded our expectations on a professional and performance level. Thanks again for everything. GLOW truly made our big date even brighter.” –- Kristi & Jason

“From the moment of my first contact with GLOW I could not have been more impressed. This band was incredible".... (read more/less)

Each individual is truly a gifted musician. The band harmony and solo acoustics are fabulous. The music mix reaches out to all ages and from the beginning everyone was up and dancing. GLOW played well beyond the time we had hired them to play and they were happy to do it. We could not have picked a better more talented group. Do yourself a favor and listen to them. You will agree with my recommendation. And, feel free to call me. We had about 165 people at an outdoor lake wedding. GLOW entertained all.”
--- Patrick Kisgen

GLOW performed for my daughter’s wedding at Country Club of the South on April 21st. We were extremely happy and they deserve RAVE reviews"...(read more/less)

"Our guests showered us with compliments and wanted to know how we found such an “awesome band.” From the very first song the dance floor was completely packed and our guests spilled out onto the carpet. Our guests wished the band could play all night. Everyone wanted to keep dancing. The atmosphere was electric, fun, and all smiles. GLOW’s performers started Congo lines, got everyone singing, jumping up and down, and provoked an amazing amount of excitement and energy. In the months preceding our reception, the band leaders helped with the schedule and nailed down the dozens of details. I give GLOW my highest recommendation. “
–- Terry Backer, Mother of the Bride

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